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Kings Heath Sports FC – We’re Looking For New Players!

Kings Heath Sports FC - New Players Needed!

Kings Heath Sports FC - Development Groups

Kings Heath Sports FC are proudly part of Kings Heath Cricket & Sports Club, one of the oldest sport and social clubs in the country – recently voted ‘Club of Clubs UK’.


Our ambition is to be the BEST grassroots football club in Birmingham, with a focus on creating the most positive environment for your kids to play football.


We’re looking for budding footballers who will be in School Years 1-3 in September 2022!

"What are Development Groups?"

The process of taking your child for a trial in an environment they’re not used to…and then being expcted to perform, is a bit farcical. Especially when dealing with really young kids.


So we’ll train squads from September 2022 through to July 2023, so they are are ready to join Kings Heath Sports FC a few months later.

"Has it been successful before?"

Just a bit!

Our first development groups started in September 2021 and now have 5 new teams ready to join Kings Heath Sports FC. 

To put into context this means 50 children who have never played in teams before are about to kick off in September 2022. 

None of those kids had to go for a ‘trial’ and in most cases (we’ve picked up a few along the way!), the kids have been together for 9 months.

Why Are Kings Heath Sports FC Different To Other Clubs?
  • Guaranteed ‘game time’ – no more standing on the touchline and only getting 5 minutes of football
  • Positive coaching environment – we’re passionate about this and expect parents to support us 🙂
  • Amazing training programme – we have access to the same one Liverpool and Man City use….
  • Development 1st, Results 2nd – for years 1,2,3,4 our focus is on development first and foremost. We find that taking the pressure off means the results take care of themselves 😉

The Development Groups

What to Expect

Well, there are no trials to worry about and much every child who starts in September will be in the same boat 🙂


Your child will follow a set training plan that has been successful across several teams and age groups.


Your child trains with the same players week in, week out so by the season comes around they are all good friends 🙂



Kings Heath Sports FC have close links to Loves Football, who will be managing the development groups.


Based in Kings Heath, Loves Football are a fun, confidence-building Football group for boys & girls (4-15 years) of all abilities, and run weekly football sessions and camps in Kings Heath, Moseley, Kings Norton and Wythall.


Each week we coach nearly 450 kids and parent rate us 5/5 on Trustpilot, Google and Facebook


You can find out more about them at


Invite Your Friends!

Don’t feel that inviting your friends means your child’s chances of player are limited – it’s quite the opposite!!!


We need new players to make a team, so if we don’t get enough players… then there won’t be a team for your child to play in!


It’s better to invite as MANY as possible because spaces in the team will fill up quickly, and your child will enjoy it much more if they have friends on the team!

Tell Your Friends!

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Good question!

Well, the trial option is there to see if your child enjoys it before you sign up to the monthly payment plan. 

We’re giving first refusal to kids from St Dunstans School, then opening it out to the rest of the universe afterwards.

All development groups will be held on Monday evenings at Kings Heath Boys School


6pm – Year 1&2 

7pm – Year 3

Astroturf trainers only please – no boots are allowed. If in doubt, ask 🙂

We always recommend shinpads – if you choose not to then that is entirely at your own risk.

Remember that football is a contact sport and accident do happen!

We’ve put together a guide that might help –

Training cost is:


£26 per month for one child

£40 p/m for two children

£54 p/m for two children


…and further discounts for additional children


We’d always recommend that kids receive football coaching before jumping straight into a team environment, but it’s not an absolute requirement – some kids take to competitive sport really quickly! 



We have years of experience at grassroots level and will fully support you with the set up process – it’s really easy to do, and isn’t as time-consuming as you might think! 


Once you have delegated many of the tasks, it becomes really easy and probably won’t take up more than 15 mins a week (!), in addition to training and matches.


Coaching is a wonderful experience and trust us, as a parent it is MUCH better to be on the side of the pitch where you can make decisions 🙂

Send us a message or call on 0121 405 1612
Send us a message or call on 0121 405 1612
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  • Which Shinpads You Need
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  • Which Shinpads You Need
  • How To Keep Kids Warm & Dry
  • Solve the Boot/Trainer headache!
  • The SAFEST Goalie Gloves