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Grading System

Our Grading System enables your child to develop their football skills from anyhere, and at a pace that suits them 🙂
Here’s how it works…

1 – Head to our YouTube channel

Find ‘Grading Videos’ (it’s in the ‘Playlist’ section)
Starting with the 1st playlist ‘Core’, your child works their way through the skills until they find a playlist with skills they struggle to perform
Make a note of the colour – THIS is their starting point for stage 2 🙂

2 – Achievement Book

We’ll be giving out Achievement Books to every child* over the next few months
It’s your child’s responsibility to fill in the book, keep it safe and then bring it to the ‘Soft Grading’ and ‘Grading’ days
N.B. Keep it safe – replacement books come with a £1 charge!

(*The Thursday 5-a-side group at Kings Heath Boys School won’t be taking part in the grading process)

3 – Practise!

We’ll advise kids during the sessions, but they will progress more quickly if they practise as much as possible at home

4 – ‘Soft Grading’

We don’t want any child to fail on Grading Day 
So, we’ll run ‘soft’ grading sessions 3x per year so you’ll know whether your child is ready for the Grading Day
N.B. If we feel your child is not ready, then we advise against attempting the Grading Day. We recommend practising and trying at the next attempt a few months later

5 – Understand the coloured Footballs

RED = we don’t think your child will pass the skill on Grading Day 🙁
ORANGE = your child is almost ready for Grading Day on this skill 🙂
GREEN = your child has passed Grading Day!
BLACK = your child has automatically passed as we have seen them regularly perform this skill during a match 🙂

6 – Medals

You can buy medals (£5 each) using the button below 🙂

7 – What next?

In a few weeks’ time, your child will receive a beautiful medal engraved with their name on it 🙂
They’ll also receive a new Achievement Book so they can start work on the next grade

Your questions answered…

Nope 🙂

We’ll only fill in Achievement Books on Soft Grading or Grading Days. This is to ensure the regular sessions don’t get disrupted

Yes 🙂

If you’ve lost or damaged the book beyond recognition then there is a £1 charge for replacements

Nope 🙂

But we’ll help advise kids on where they can improve

We’ll run 3x soft grading sessions and 3x Grading Days each year. Dates are TBC but are likely to be:


October (soft grading)

December (Grading)


February (soft grading )

March (Grading)


May (soft grading)

July (Grading)


‘Soft Grading’ is a chance for us to assess whether your child is likley to pass on Grading day.


If we dont feel they will pass then we advise not attempting the next Grading day.


Keep working hard and they can try again at the next soft grading session 🙂

We won’t run it – the book will get destroyed and most importantly, we don’t want kids hanging around in the rain

Nope – this is your child’s target to own 🙂

You can order the medals using the form above 🙂


We’ll bulk order medals so please be patient as they might not arrive immediately

A unique grading programme which helps us train, assess and progress your kids’ technical ability as they learn c90 key skills.

Whilst it will take time to successfully achieve each stage, we are confident of developing every child who comes to our sessions, regardless of ability or age.

Children are incentivised to progress and are rewarded for hard work and success


It provides Coaches with a mechanism to develop children individually, whilst in a group setting – no easy feat!


Parents have peace of mind that your child is having fun AND developing at the same time.

You’ll have to wait unil the next Grading session unfortunately

Send us a message or call on 0121 405 1612
Send us a message or call on 0121 405 1612
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  • Which Shinpads You Need
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