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Kings Heath Sports FC – We’re Looking For New Players!

Kings Heath Sports FC - Open Day!

Kings Heath Sports FC - Open Day!

Kings Heath Sports FC are proudly part of Kings Heath Cricket & Sports Club, one of the oldest sport and social clubs in the country – recently voted ‘Club of Clubs UK’.

Our ambition is to be the BEST grassroots football club in Birmingham, with a focus on creating the most positive environment for your kids to play football.

We’re looking for budding footballers who will be in School Years 1-6 in September!

Kings Heath Sports FC - Open Day

We’ll be holding an Open Day at the end of June / start of July – add your child’s name via the link below and you’ll be the first to hear when we have a confirmed date and time

Why Are Kings Heath Sports FC Different To Other Clubs?
  • Guaranteed ‘game time’ – no more standing on the touchline and only getting 5 minutes of football
  • Positive coaching environment – we’re passionate about this and expect parents to support us 🙂
  • Financial clarity – each team controls their own finances, so you always have absolute clarity

The Open Day

What to Expect

The Open Day is an opportunity for Kings Heath Sports FC to attract new players and coaches, and for you to speak to some of the Kings Heath Sports FC coaching team.

It will also give your kids a chance to have a training session and mini-match with players in the same age group.

After the Open Day, the Manager of each team will be given the contact details for parents of every child in the age group. They will then arrange a date for trials directly with you.

N.B. No decisions will be taken during the Open Day about which players are selected 🙂


Kings Heath Sports FC have close links to Loves Football, who will be co-ordinating the Open Day.


Loves Football are a fun, confidence-building Football group for boys & girls (4-15 years) of all abilities, and run weekly football sessions and camps in Kings Heath, Moseley, Kings Norton and Wythall.


You can find out more about them at


Invite Your Friends!

Don’t feel that inviting your friends means your child’s chances of player are limited – it’s quite the opposite!!!


We need new players to make a team, so if we don’t get enough players… then there won’t be a team for your child to play in!


It’s better to invite as MANY as possible because spaces in the team will fill up quickly, and your child will enjoy it much more if they have friends on the team!

Tell Your Friends!

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We’re in the process of confirming the date and location, but we expect them to be held in Kings Heath towards the end of June/ start of July.

If you register your child’s name to the trial link, you’ll be the first to hear when we’re ready to go

It’s likely that the first stage of the trials (Open Day) will be held on grass so normal football boots (no metal studs) are fine, or astros. If you only have trainers then you can wear those for the day.

We always recommend shinpads – if you choose not to then that is entirely at your own risk.

Remember that football is a contact sport and accident do happen!

We’ve put together a guide that might help –

Sure 🙂


The Open Day helps us to attract lots of players keen to join teams. Your child will get a chance to show off their ball skills, and hopefully have a mini-match within their age groups 🙂

After the Open Day has finished, we’ll pass your contact details to the Manager who will then arrange further ‘trial sessions’ with the age group. 


After the ‘trial sessions’ have taken place, the Manager will make the decision on which players they feel are suitable for the team.

Absolutely 🙂


We’d always recommend that kids receive football coaching before jumping straight into a team, but it’s not an absolute requirement – some kids take to competitive sport really quickly! 


They are totally free, although you are welcome to contribute towards the running of the club  – we’ll have a bucket for donations 🙂

It’s not the end of the world 🙂

As long as you have registered, we’ll put you in touch with the Manager for the team and you can arrange a trial directly. Bear in mind that the Managers decision is final, and they might have a full team :/

Don’t panic!!!


We have good links with other clubs, and if we get too many players in the same age group, we could just create two teams! 


Have you thought about becoming a coach? It’s a great way to ensure your child plays in a team!



You are also more than welcome to join any Loves Football sessions which are geared towards developing technical skills and setting kids up perfectly to get into a team 🙂

We do! 

We have a confirmed Girls Only team at U8s level which will be run by Nadine – an FA coach who works with Loves Football as well 🙂


We’re also open to parents becoming coaches and they might choose to set up their own team, which of course we can help them with



We have years of experience at grassroots level and will fully support you with the set up process – it’s really easy to do, and isn’t as time-consuming as you might think! 


Once you have delegated many of the tasks, it becomes really easy and probably won’t take up more than 15 mins a week (!), in addition to training and matches.


Coaching is a wonderful experience and trust us, as a parent it is MUCH better to be on the side of the pitch where you can make decisions 🙂

We find that Girls generally fall into one of three categories when it comes to football:


a) Girls who are happy to play in a mixed group

b) Girls who don’t want to play against boys

c) Girls who wouldn’t play in a Girls Only group for all the tea in China!!!


Boys are generally (although not always!) relaxed about who they play with 🙂

Have you downloaded your free 'What To Wear' Guide?

ESSENTIAL reading for Kids Football!
  • Which Shinpads You Need
  • How To Keep Kids Warm & Dry
  • Solve the Boot/Trainer headache!
  • The SAFEST Goalie Gloves
ESSENTIAL reading for Kids Football!
  • Which Shinpads You Need
  • How To Keep Kids Warm & Dry
  • Solve the Boot/Trainer headache!
  • The SAFEST Goalie Gloves
Send us a message or call on 0121 405 1612
Send us a message or call on 0121 405 1612
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  • Which Shinpads You Need
  • How To Keep Kids Warm & Dry
  • Solve the Boot/Trainer headache!
  • The SAFEST Goalie Gloves