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Welcome to Kings Heath Sports FC!

Kings Heath Sports FC - New Teams!

Kings Heath Sports FC - New Teams!
Kings Heath Sports FC are proudly part of Kings Heath Sports Club, one of the oldest sport and social clubs in the country.

Our ambition is to be the BEST grassroots football club in Birmingham, with a focus on creating the most positive environment for your kids to play football.

We have 5 new teams starting in September at U7s, U8s, U9s, U10s and U11s

It's an exciting time!!

You're about to embark on a roller-coaster of emotions by watching your child play football.

Trust us, once you've had your first experience of grassroots on a Sunday... football on the telly is nowhere near as much fun!
Remember, many people don't get to meet their favourite players... you get to drive yours to and from football every week 😉

1. To start with... hit the orange button and read the presentation, then move onto section 2 (below)

(Or if you'd prefer to sit through 30+ mins of a zoom video, then...)

2. Join your team WhatsApp group

All communication around player registration, kits, fixtures, training, team info, etc., will come via these groups so don't miss out!
N.B. All of age groups below are the CURRENT academic year 2021/22

3. Register your child - 1st June

The first step to getting your child signed up as a player for Kings Heath Sports FC is to complete the form below.
Make sure you complete one form for EACH child 🙂

4. Your first instalment - 1st June

The first instalment (£20 per player) goes towards registering your team and your child with the FA, and contributes towards football club insurance.
The KHS FC treasurer bank account isn't set up yet (application pending!), so we'll add this first payment to your Loves Football training subscription.
You don't need to do anything - you'll receive an email confirming a COVERING PAYMENT has been added to your payment plan.

Subsequent payments

Once the new KHS treasurer account has been set up, all payments below will need to be transferred into that account. We anticipate this account will be set up by the middle of June.
Please add this as your payment reference...
Team name, child's name & first letter of their surname (in that order!) e.g:

U7s James H

Prefer hassle-free?

We expect most parents will prefer to pay in instalments, but if you wanted to avoid the hassle (and it really would help us manage cashflow!!) then feel free to pay season costs in full (or part).
(N.B. all the figures below cover everything from the second instalment through to the matchday costs for the season:
U7s - £194
U8s - £158
U9s - £194
U10s - £185
U11s - £185

5. Your second instalment - 1st July

Assuming you'd prefer to pay in instalments, the second amount (£35 per player) pays for your child's new kit!
Unlike other clubs, we understand how strong a connection your child will have with their first football kit, so we'll NEVER ask for it back. It's yours to keep 🙂

6. Your third instalment - 1st August

The third instalment (£35 per player) pays for the rental of our home pitch.

It's a lot cheaper than other venues, and as an added bonus you become a matchday member which means you and your family can pop in for Sunday lunch after the game 😉

(Sorry, but the fee still applies for CURRENT members of the club)

7. Your fourth instalment - 1st September

The final instalment (£25* per player) pays for bibs, coach jackets, kit bags, cones, goalkeeper top, and a part payment towards FA qualifications for coaches.
*N.B. Apologies, we quoted £20 in the intial presentation. Unfortunately, after further spreadsheet crunching we need to adjust this figure to £25

8. Monthly payments - starting in September

Monthly payments (per player) cover the cost of the referees and the coaches for match-day.

The initial figure we quoted was over 12 months, but we've amended this so the matchday costs only run for 9 months i.e. broadly the length of the season.
U7s - £11
U8s - £7
U9s - £11
U10s - £10
U11s - £10
(The variation in amounts is caused by squad-size, different referee costs, whilst the U8s team is coached by a volunteer)
*N.B. In some cases the intial figure we quoted was too high over the course of the season, so we've adjusted it 🙂

Reviewing the cost

The first season is always more expensive. Rest assured we'll review the costs at the end of every season to ensure we only ask for what we need 🙂

Struggling to afford the upfront instalments?

Let us know 🙂

Several of the parents have suggested they'd actually prefer to pay upfront which gives us a bit of flexibility around cashflow.

You'll still pay the same amount over the course of the season, but it might mean you don't need to fork out so much early on!
(Or if you'd prefer to sit through 30 mins of video then you can watch it below)
Send us a message or call on 0121 405 1612
Send us a message or call on 0121 405 1612
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  • Which Shinpads You Need
  • How To Keep Kids Warm & Dry
  • Solve the Boot/Trainer headache!
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