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Probably not, but it depends on the latest advice on We are also guided by Sport England and The Football Association.



All of our sessions have girls in, and we also have a couple of Girls Only sessions which are great fun 🙂


We’re talking to The FA about becoming a part of their Wildcats scheme aimed at promoting Girls football at grassroots level

No problem at all 🙂


We have a couple of dedicated Beginners groups for younger kids, and for older kids we can recommend the right class for you.


Give us a call and we can chat about it -0121 405 1216

Possibly the most asked question, so we have a page dedicated to answering this in detail 🙂

They can be expensive but there are plenty of Facebook groups selling second-hand boots in good condition!

We’ve put together a section on footwear that might help explain things.

Who wants a cattle-market?

It’s no fun for the kids, there is very little actual ‘game-time’, and it’s extremely challenging for the coaches to develop your children in a busy, chaotic session.

We believe we have the right balance 🙂

Certainly, this is a tricky one so best to get in touch directly with us.

In short, it’s not a ‘no’, we’ll just need to have a chat first and agree it with the school.

We welcome words of encouragement for ALL of our players e.g. “Well done”, “Keep going”, “Great shot” etc, but it’s very important for child’s development that we let them play and make decisions for themselves.


Picture the scene… your son/daughter has a chance to score – remember that this is their World Cup Final – and just as they are about to put the ball in the back of the net they hear Dad shouting (let’s be honest Dads, it’s generally us – we’ve all been there!)  “Shoot James!” The first thing they do is lift their head, the ball rolls away and the chance has gone. To make matters worse, Dad then asks “Why didn’t you score?!!!”


We understand how difficult it can be, and the biggest challenge as parents is managing our own expectations! Everything you have learned from football you’ve picked up over a number of years.


Remember that children are highly creative and are well capable of creating and managing games themselves – they don’t need parents in the playground!


We promise you that if you can keep your involvement to words of encouragement only, your child will develop more quickly and you’ll enjoy the session far more 🙂

You can find everything COVID-related on this page

Occasionally and due to circumstances outside of our control, we will need to move the time of the session (due to e.g. repairs / maintenance to venues, exams in sportshalls etc).

Whilst every effort will be made to fulfil the session at the organised time, we reserve the right to run the session at a different time, facility venue or cancel the session entirely.

Note that no refunds will be given but (assuming we have space) you are encouraged to attend three sessions (i.e. 3 for 1) at a venue / time of your choosing by way of compensation.


We offer trial sessions (£5), after which the price is £24 per calendar month.

£24 per calendar month

Trial sessions are payable via our online booking system art the point of booking.

We’ll send you a text and email with a link for you to input your card details.

Monthly payments are taken out on the 1st of every month (with any non-payments added to the first payment)

Unlike some other local groups, we limit group numbers to ensure an excellent amount of ‘game-time’ for players. This means we must maximise attendance to make our sessions financially viable.

We have waiting lists for pretty much all our sessions so paying in advance secures your child’s place in the session – we’ll never give it to anyone else without your permission.

Sibling discount is 40%, so £14.40 per month (usual price is £24)

Please read the next section on how the sibling discount works!!

The system isn’t clever enough to apply the sibling discount to your monthly subscription, so we manually add it AFTER you have booked your kids on and calculate any adjustments.


N.B. Many parents have one child attending our sessions and book a second (and third, fourth etc) child at a later date. It is the parents’ responsibility to inform us that children are siblings, and in the event you have been charged full price, then no refunds will be given for previous / retrospective payments.


Sadly not.

Your child’s space is reserved and we do don’t offer it to anyone else.

Our costs remain the same and we have waiting lists for most of our groups. 

You are welcome to come to a different class if you want to get your football ‘fix’ …assuming we have space in the sessions 🙂

Once you have inputted your bank card details, you can relax.

Nothing gets taken immediately, as all monthly payments are made on the 1st of each month. Any sessions that you haven’t paid for are added onto the next payment.

E.G. Your child joins in Week 2 of the month


Head to our bookings page and click on the class that interests you – it’s as easy as that!


You’ll also find out plenty of information on the class to help you decide which class to choose.

Yes easily!

In fact, we might recommend it if we feel your child needs a new challenge.

Just send us a quick message and assuming we have space, then you’re good to go.

Just jump on the bookings page and select which class you are looking for –

As soon as we receive the notification we’ll apply the discount for you and calculate any adjustments.



Sorry to hear that, but no problem at all – it happens 🙂

Let us know BEFORE the end of the calendar month and we will cancel the booking.

N.B. Note that any cancellation requests made AFTER the 1st of the month will not take effect until the following calendar month, and no refunds will be given for missed sessions


It just means you need to drop the kids off, and then pick them up at the end of the session.

You don’t need to need head home! If you want to grab a nap or just some peace and quiet in the car for an hour, then by all means… stick on Classic FM and kick back 🙂

In short, COVID 🙁

We love watching our own kids play, and we desperately want parents to have the same experience.

Unfortunately, in line with government guidelines, many schools/facilities across the country have put this restriction in place whilst we are still in the midst of the pandemic.

You’ll find us in the sportshall 🙂


Once you have parked, head to the main entrance to the centre.

Across the foyer you will see double doors leading back outside!

The sportshall is directly opposite the doors on the other side of the courtyard. Don’t get confused and head left to the gymnasium!

There is a small car park, but plenty of space on the road. Please make note not to park lowered kerbs as many elderly people use the Centre (it’s operated by Age Concern)

It’s a tiny bit smaller than some of our other venues so maximum capacity is 16 – this is great as it means your child gets lots of game time 🙂

Due to Covid, we’d ask that you ‘drop-and-go’ where possible. If your child is unable to play without you being there, can we ask that you start in the hall and move to the reception area once your child has settled in.

It’s important you head to the correct gate.

We can then ensure traffic is limited, and social distancing is maintained. Unfortunately, due to COVID rules, you need to Drop & Go at Moseley School.

Gate C = College Road, B13 9LP
Gate D = Springfield Road, b13 9NP

Gate C or D
Monday 6pm (6-8yrs)

Gate C
Wednesdays 6pm (Junior Futsal)
Friday 6pm (Beginner’s Futsal)
Saturday 9am (Beginners 4-5yrs)
Saturday 10am (Beginners 5-6yrs)

Saturday 9am (6-9yrs & Girls only)
Saturday 10am (6-9yrs & Girls only)

Gate D
Wednesdays 5pm (Girls Only)
Wednesdays 7pm (Futsal)
Friday 5pm (5-7yrs)

If you’d like to drop and go, then park in the main car park at the front of the school – then head through the blue gates between the school buildings.

If you’d like to stay and watch the session, then park at the back of the school on the playground. Drive through the carpark and aim for the far-left corner where you can follow the path around the school.

Kings Heath Boys School
Hollybank Rd, Birmingham B13 0RJ

Moseley School & Fitness Centre

Gate C = College Road, Birmingham, B13 9LP or
Gate D = Springfield Rd, Birmingham B13 9NP

Hawskeley Community Centre
Edgewood Road, B38 9RW

Woodrush School
Shawhurst Lane, Hollywood, Birmingham B47 5JW

You’ll find clickable maps here

Send us a message or call on 0121 405 1612
Send us a message or call on 0121 405 1612
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