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Grading System

Training Programme

“This is the BEST training programme I have seen outside Academy Football.”

That was the view of an Academy (professional club) coach after we showed him our training programme. 

This is available to ALL children * but before we can start to grade your child, you’ll need to download a free app – ThinkSmart Portal

*(unfortunately this doesn’t apply to players whose only session per week is the 5-a-side league @ Kings Heath Boys School)   

…now follow this simple ‘Set-Up Guide’…

  1. Download – ThinkSmart Portal app
  2. Click Code
  3. Enter K6LKLWCL
  4. Click Register New Account
  5. Enter your details
  6. Check your email and enter the 6 digit code
  7. Accept Privacy Policy and Terms & Conditions
  2. Click Menu icon (top left)
  3. Click Your Kids
  4. Click + Add
  5. Enter your child’s details
  6. Save
  7. N.B. Some iPhone users have reported difficulty saving their child’s details. If this happens to you, please update to the latest iOS software and try again – thanks 🙂
  8. (Click + Add if you have more kids)
  1. Click Menu icon (top left)
  2. Click Classes
  3. Click Add Enrollments
  4. Select your child from the drop down
  5. Find the relevant session your child attends and click Add to Cart
  6. (If you have multiple sessions then click No and add the additional sessions)
  7. Click Checkout
  1. Click Menu icon (top left)
  2. Click Your Kids
  3. Click Skill Sets
  4. Current = currently training for
  5. Completed = completed stages

Grading System – your questions answered…

This issue seems to be affecting some iPhone users.


If you are unable to save their details, pease can you update to the latest iOS version and try again.


If that doesn’t work, or you are already on the latest version please let us know.

  1. A unique grading programme which helps us train, assess and progress your kids’ technical ability as they learn 90 key skills.


    Whilst it will take time to successfully achieve each stage, we are confident of developing every child who comes to our sessions, regardless of ability or age.

Children are incentivised to progress and are rewarded for hard work and success


It provides Coaches with a mechanism to develop children individually, whilst in a group setting – no easy feat!


Parents have peace of mind that your child is having fun AND developing at the same time.

We follow a grading schedule (i.e. weeks 1-6 training, 7th week = grading); this timescale is still TBC so bear with us.


You keep track of your child’s performance via the ThinkSmartPortal app and are notified when they achieve certain grades.


As your child they successfully passes each grade, they are rewarded with medals (we’ll send the links for you to buy them) which we’ll present to your child.

  1. Click Menu icon (top left)
  2. Click Your Kids
  3. Click Skill Sets
  4. Current = currently training for
  5. Completed = completed stages

We follow a similar structure to Martial Arts, so:

Standards = Black-belt

Skill-set = chopping  concrete block in half!


It takes a little while for us to assess the starting point for each child so please bear with us 🙂

This is our grading structure 🙂 


We have 10 grades (or standards) in all, starting from Minis and progressing upwards – White, Yellow, Orange, Purple. Blue, Green, Brown, Red, and finally our Ninja football level – Black!

Send us a message or call on 0121 405 1612
Send us a message or call on 0121 405 1612
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