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Payments… explained!

"How does the 'Trial' work?"

The ‘Trial’ is an opportunity for your child to see if they enjoy the session.


You can book and pay for a trial (cost £5 per child) at any of our sessions 🙂


The trial also means you don’t have to sign upto the monthly payments straight away – although most parents tend to jump straight in and sign upto the monthly payment from the outset!

"We LOVED the Trial session!!"

Great! So, next steps…

  • Your space is confirmed now so you don’t need to book again
  • You’ll receive an email asking you to set up a subscription – it takes 30 seconds to complete 

"How much are the monthly sessions?"

Monthly costs:

  • £31 per month for 1x session per week
  • £50 per month for 2x sessions / siblings per week
  • £63 per month for 3x sessions / siblings per week
  • £72 per month for 4x sessions / siblings per week


  • Regardless whether you have 1x child attending 2x sessions, or 2x  siblings attending 1x session each, the price is the same.
  • Payments will be paused for August, and automatically restarted for September.
  • All figures are on a total, and per calendar month basis.
  • (P.S. Occasionally, we have requests for more siblings, sessions per week. If this sounds like you then give us a call on 0121 405 1612

"What is the registration fee for?"

We’ve recently brought out Training Kits for kids who join our sessions. 


The price of the registration fee is £35, and the price of the kit is… you guessed it, £35.


We don’t make a penny on it – this goes straight to the manufacturer.

"How does the 'Payment Plan' work?"

The process

  1. You submit your bank details (it takes 30 seconds)
  2. We’ll make any manual adjustments for siblings etc
  3. All regular payments go out on the 1st of each month.


  • If you join mid-month, any sessions not paid for will be added to your first payment date (i.e. the next 1st of the month)
  • Payment secures the space so you don’t need to rebook
  • Our payment provider (Stripe) fix the payment date as the 1st of each month – we can’t move this
  • Payments will continue being taken until you tell us otherwise!

Common Questions

It is a bit confusing!


The email isn’t an invoice, it’s an instruction to set up a payment plan which will start on the next 1st of the month.


Even though you’re asked to input your card details, nothing gets taken out until the next payment date (1st of the month)

We apply the discount manually for you once card details are set up – you’ll receive an email confirming which plan you are on.

You submitted your card details to set up the payment plan, but no payment was taken (that happens on the 1st).

If you check the bank statement nothing will have been taken out (apart from perhaps the cost of a trial)

No problem, you’ll just need to complete the form on our cancellation page (see below).



  1. We require 31 days notice to cancel.
  2. Cancellation requests must only be made via this web page – https:/ No other forms of cancellation will be accepted (e.g. WhatsApp, texts messages, spoken word, email, letter)
  3. No refunds wil be given in the event the subscription has been taken.
  4. In the event a subscription payment is made which is greater than the outstanding balance, a refund will be issued less the costs associated with the refund transaction (5% of the transaction fee)
Send us a message or call on 0121 405 1612
Send us a message or call on 0121 405 1612
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